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Buffalo Bill Cody Beer

T-shirts, hats, mugs, and more. Check out the website and facebook page

T-shirts, hats, mugs, and more. Check out the website and facebook page.

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Eric Bischoff's official website

Get exclusive news, updates, and more.

Welcome to Eric Bischoff's official website. This is the place to get exclusive news, updates, photos, and videos from Eric.

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Controversy Creates Cash

Get your autographed copy today!

Find out what really happened during the Monday Night Wars from the man himself. Eric Bischoff was at the center of the wars between WWE and WCW. Get your autographed copy of the book today.

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Impact Wrestling

Watch Impact Wrestling every Thursday night on Spike!

Watch Impact Wrestling every Thursday night at 9pm. See the stars of Impact Wrestling such as Hulk Hogan, Rob Van Dam, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, and Mr. Anderson.

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Eric Bischoff | Official Website

Welcome to

Welcome and thanks for stopping by my site. We will attempt to keep this site updated as regularly as possible and bring you exclusive content, special offers and some unique merchandise.


Feel free to join the “fan page” and let me know if you have any new ideas you would like to see on this site.







Raising The Bar

Every once in a while I get a post to one of my sites that is truly inspiring. Not necessarily because the author agrees with me (although I was relieved to read that this was the case here), but because the post is articulate, intelligent and/or thought provoking.

Messages like these are antithisis of much of the juvenile tripe that represents the loudest voice of the minority 10% 'ers that populate the IWC. 

Today I received the following post to my earlier blog in which I responded to Wade Keller. I thought it was worthy of posting here if for no reason than to prove that there are those in the 90% club that do indeed raise the bar. Thanks Peter!


A Little "Red Line Correction For Mr.Keller

This my RED-LINED version of Wade Kellers CYA/misleading and mostly just ridiculous attempt to give him and his site some credibility. Kellers recent post is laced with mis-directions and ill fated attempts to reframe the discussion in a way that keeps him clean.


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